Battling Addiction, Plant Based Diet Day 3 Recap

Today is the end of my third full day on a plant based diet. I think I could get used to this! My energy levels are still very high, as is my mental alertness. However, this diet definitely requires some mental discipline because (at least for me) it involves battling addiction.

Addiction to unhealthy foods, that is. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my husband and my’s regular diet up to this point contained a lot of meat, dairy and oil. We are now eating veggies, fruits, whole grains and legumes and cut out added oils (even virgin olive oil). They don’t call it a “vegan challenge” for nothing. Having eaten meat, dairy and oil for most of my life and suddenly giving it up is a big transition. But, my husband and I decided to go into this together to lose weight and better our health and it’s working!

Luckily we both find each other pretty humorous and were able to laugh about it today. He really wanted some meat for dinner.

This was his, “I really want a steak but I’m trying to be thrilled with this vegetable soup” face…


This was probably the day that I realized that we are truly addicted to meat. Ethics aside, I know there are varying views on whether or not grass fed meats are healthy for us, but for me being addicted to anything is not good. So we’re battling it.

The good news is that we both are fully aware of this and are glad to be creating new, healthy eating habits. And we’ve both lost weight already! That’s a plus.

Until next time,

Stay classy, eat grassy. 🙂

“Vegan Challenge” Day 2 Recap


Today is the end of our second full day following a completely plant based diet. In case you missed the challenge that I’ve decided to take on, you can read about it here. I wanted to do a quick recap each day of how I’m feeling, mostly for myself, but also for anyone who’s interested in the effects of a plant based diet.

So far I am very full of energy! I also have felt very “light,” if that makes sense. I didn’t realize how much my regular foods were making me feel weighted down and sluggish. Yesterday both my husband and I were so excited to just be starting the diet, we hardly cared what the food we were eating tasted like. Today he mentioned that he was craving steak for dinner so I opted for a mushroom dish that we both loved (mushrooms are a great meat replacement!) This diet is completely different from what we normally eat, but this is a challenge that we decided to take to better our health. Our regular diet consists of lots of meat, dairy and oil. As you can imagine, neither of us have felt great. This diet is challenging us to eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains and teaching us to make them delicious!

While we’re only two days deep, we can feel the difference! It’s very obvious that we are feeding our bodies foods that they have been craving. It’s currently my bed time and while I would normally be exhausted, I have energy left to burn. That’s something I haven’t had in quite a while.

It’s much too early to start monitoring different aches and pains I deal with from running, but I’m sure I will have updates on those soon. In the mean time, stay tuned for more vegan recipes and some recent race recaps! 

Be blessed! 🙂


You’re Going What?


There I said it. Yes, starting today my husband and I decided to take a 30 day “vegan challenge.” Or maybe we should just call it a 30 day plant based diet. Anyhow, going vegan is always something I wanted to try, but there is one book in particular that made me take the plunge. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn; a wonderful book that showcases Dr. Esselstyn’s research that has proven a plant based diet can literally reverse heart disease. He also provides evidence of the many diseases that can be prevented by eating a plant based diet, including diabetes and cancer. On this diet you eat from four food groups:

1. Vegetables

2. Fruits

3. Grains

4. Legumes

My husband is doing it specifically to lose weight, as am I, but I also wanted to do this as an experiment. Every day I’m keeping a journal of how I feel. I will be monitoring different aches and pains and seeing how the diet affects them, as well as my energy levels and overall mood.

To sum it up, my husband and I decided to take on this challenge for health reasons. We both need to lose weight and I personally need to learn how to eat more plant based foods. This is a wonderful way for me to get creative with my foods and learn how to make plants yummy. Every day during this 30 day challenge I will include a short report on how I felt that day. I hope this encourages people to get creative with food and learn new ways to eat more fruits and veggies!