Conquering the Impossible (i.e. Training on Vacation)

I never thought it was possible, but I did it. I trained while on vacation at the beach. I only got in 3 runs during the week, as opposed to my normal 4, but I was just glad to have … Continue reading


This moment changed my life. This picture was taken after I completed my first full marathon this past January with my mother in law. This was my first race I had ever run…I hadn’t even competed in a 5k! (Probably not advisable, but I enjoyed myself). I still remember the moment I decided to do it. I was on a treadmill at the gym struggling to run for 30 seconds at a time. I thought…if there are athletes who run marathons relying solely on their own willpower, surely I can complete one if I rely on Jesus. For 9 months I trained hard, praying daily that I could run just a little bit further than the day before. 

Christ held my hand through that race. Yes, it took me 6 hours to finish it…but I FINISHED IT! I ran 26.2 miles and I truly loved every step.

Today the scale didn’t reflect the progress that I wanted it to. It’s a day that I feel like drinking coffee for hours while snuggling up with a book while the rain beats down on my window. But I saw this picture and was reminded, while this was one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve ever achieved, it was just the beginning. This picture marks a turning point in my life. I must press on, because Christ is with me, holding my hand, ready to take me on the next journey. The work hurts, but it makes me strong.  Sometimes I’m tired, but He gives strength to the weary.

I have a half marathon to run in November, and am planning on another full next January. Those are great goals, but today isn’t about those goals. Today is about realizing that it isn’t about race day. It’s about every day that leads up to that starting line. It’s about the small, daily decisions that at the time seem insignificant but in the long run determine who is successful and who is still stuck in a pit. Today I choose to look forward, to press on, to get off this couch, shut my coffee pot off, praise God for another day and work hard. 

Those are my thoughts, and now I gotta run!