PR and AG award!

photo (14)

I am terrible about remembering to take photos (I’m also a terrible photographer) but I managed to snap this on our way home from the race. Medals!


This week I  got off to a great start after quite an accomplishing day on Saturday. Saturday morning a local group I’ve been supporting for a while held their annual 5k to raise money. I headed down with the hubs, not sure what to expect from it. This was his first 5k race and he’s not a huge fan of running, so I figured we’d run the race, chat with some friends, grab lunch and come home. When we got to the race, we found out it was actually a trail run! I have never done a trail run and was feeling very unsure of the whole thing. I’m not very good at keeping an eye out for tree roots and bumps; I generally prefer to run on the pavement so I don’t have to think about where I’m stepping.

Well, we moved to the starting line and were off. Lo and behold, we LOVED the trail aspect! So much to look at and surprisingly I had fun jumping over tree roots and dodging branches. It was new and exciting. I don’t know what it was about that morning but I was really feeling like running fast. The crowd of people running with you is always a motivator, but I really wanted to turn on the jets…so I did. Odd, because it was scorching hot out. We’ve been spoiled with some pretty nice fall weather up until Saturday, so the heat was really unexpected. The great part about the trail was that we were in the shade the whole time! Wow. I can see why I have friends addicted to trail running.

When we crossed the finish line I couldn’t believe my time. 28 minutes! I had hit a new PR. That is fast for me. I actually have never been able to get my 5k done in under 30 minutes, so I was ecstatic. My hubs did it in an awesome 27 minutes, I was so proud!

I have never enjoyed shorter distance races like 5k’s. I enjoy going long distances at a slower pace. For me, I love the adventure of long distance running. It’s about the process, not the finish line. However, I did enjoy this 5k quite a bit. I really attribute any fun I had to the trail.

When we finished we decided to wait and hear how everyone did. I knew I had passed quite a few girls that looked like they were in my age group, so I thought I might stand a chance of getting an award in my age group.

They got to my group and to my surprise they called out my name for first place! Wow! I have never placed in a race before; I couldn’t believe it. That was honestly one achievement I never thought I could attain. Receiving that award broke so many chains that I had created in my own mind. The whole day was very humbling and such an encouragement to me. I saw progress, I saw results of all the hard 4:30am wake ups and 5:00am runs. I thought to myself, “wow, my training really is paying off.” It just made me want to work even harder, to be even better. I know it’s attainable. What seemed impossible before now is possible.

On top of all that my husband loved running the trail, as did I. I never imagined that I would enjoy it, but the trail rocked my world! As for my husband, the trail as well as the race opened up a whole new world for him. He loved the community aspect of it and wants to become involved in trail running on a regular basis. Score!

So friends, the moral of the story is to try new things and keep working hard. It really does pay off.

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