You’re Going What?


There I said it. Yes, starting today my husband and I decided to take a 30 day “vegan challenge.” Or maybe we should just call it a 30 day plant based diet. Anyhow, going vegan is always something I wanted to try, but there is one book in particular that made me take the plunge. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn; a wonderful book that showcases Dr. Esselstyn’s research that has proven a plant based diet can literally reverse heart disease. He also provides evidence of the many diseases that can be prevented by eating a plant based diet, including diabetes and cancer. On this diet you eat from four food groups:

1. Vegetables

2. Fruits

3. Grains

4. Legumes

My husband is doing it specifically to lose weight, as am I, but I also wanted to do this as an experiment. Every day I’m keeping a journal of how I feel. I will be monitoring different aches and pains and seeing how the diet affects them, as well as my energy levels and overall mood.

To sum it up, my husband and I decided to take on this challenge for health reasons. We both need to lose weight and I personally need to learn how to eat more plant based foods. This is a wonderful way for me to get creative with my foods and learn how to make plants yummy. Every day during this 30 day challenge I will include a short report on how I felt that day. I hope this encourages people to get creative with food and learn new ways to eat more fruits and veggies!


3 thoughts on “You’re Going What?

  1. Good luck with your vegan challenge! I’ve personally been one for about three years and love every moment of it. I hope it’ll bring you all the results you’re looking for! šŸ™‚

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